Eko Gwiazda / Jawor edition – awards are given!

  • 5th edition of the ecological competition Eko Gwiazda / Jawor edition resolved.
  • The jury assessed the works of students from secondary schools in the following regions: Jawor, Legnica, Świdnica and Wałbrzych.
  • The winner was Eliza Gałka from High School No. 1 in Jawor.

In this year’s edition of the Eko Gwiazda / Jawor Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland competition, the students proposed to raise the problem of electro-waste. The participants’ task was to record a short film about electro waste, methods of disposal and the dangers of improper recycling. A dozen or so teams from secondary schools from Jawor, Legnica, Świdnica and Wałbrzych region entered the competition.

This is the fourth edition of Eko Gwiazda in Jawor. We are glad that young people in the region deepen their knowledge of ecology and surprise us with their creativity every year. It is important that young people feel responsible for resources and the environment. After four years of educational work, we can already say that, as a Mercedes factory, we also have our share – says Dr. Andreas Schenkel, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland.

Finalists list:

“EcoCoach”, Bartosz Duda under the care of Ms. Grażyna Maciak from the Technical and General School Complex in Legnica,

“Nie elektrośmieć”, Karolina Pąklak under the care of Ms. Marlena Nowak from the Complex of Schools No. 5 for them. M.T. Huber in Wałbrzych,

“Tylko jedna bateria”, Eliza Gałka under the care of Ms. Małgorzata Karolonek from High School No. 1 in Jawor,

“Eco-problemy”, Maciej Wengrzyn under the care of Ms. Małgorzata Marczyk from Secondary School No. 5 in Legnica,

“# ekobaterie”, Kacper Sołtysiak, Maksymilian Morawski under the care of Mr. Marcin Jankowski from the Wincenty Witos School Complex in Bolków,

“Młodzież vs elektrośmieci”, Hubert Migda, Gracjan Zalewski under the care of Mr. Marcin Jankowski from the Wincenty Witos School Complex in Bolków.

The jury consisting of: Dr. Andreas Schenkel, Wojciech Tadla, Sandra Buryś, Marcin Dziubek, Natalia Pińczuk (Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland) and of the local government office, Ms. Aneta Kucharzyk, the main prize, MacBook Air 13.3 “for the student and Apple Ipad 10.2 tablet for the teacher-tutor awarded Eliza Gałka from High School No. 1 in Jawor for the film “Tylko jedna bateria” under the care of  Ms. Małgorzata Karolonek. All finalists were also awarded.

Eliza is a student from the humanities class, very talented, with many passions, has the highest average in the class. I am glad that her talent and sensitivity have been appreciated – says Małgorzata Karolonek, teacher of the 1st Secondary School in Jawor and work supervisor.

I think that the topic of proper waste segregation is very important. I am glad that many of my peers are aware of this and took part in the competition – Eliza said, this year’s laureate.

Video from the announcement of the results available at the link: https://youtu.be/GZkJP2wZZiM

The finalists’ films can be seen on the competition website: http://jawor.ekogwiazda.pl/laureaci/

The Eko Gwiazda  competition/Jawor edition was covered by the Honorary Patronage of the local government office, Ms. Aneta Kucharzyk.