Collegium Witelona State University and Mercedes-Benz signed a cooperation agreement to adapt education in the region to the needs of the local labor market

On November 20, Collegium Witelona, a leader in practical education, and Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland signed a cooperation agreement.

President of the Management Board of MBMPL Joerg Schmalenbach, Member of the Management Board and HR Director Ewa Korwek and prof. Ph.D. Andrzej Panasiuk will work together to make the educational offer and professional development more attractive for students from the region.

Cooperation between the university and the Mercedes factory in Jawor will result in a program of apprenticeships and internships prepared for students of the facility. The signed agreement will allow for the acquisition of practical knowledge and will create an opportunity for Witelona students to gain valuable experience in an innovative plant operating on the principles of Industry 4.0. It’s not everything. The parties also declared teaching cooperation regarding projects and research as part of the implementation of diploma theses related to the area of ​​Mercedes-Benz’s activities. Another area of joint activity will be scientific and research work on the development of new technologies.

Collegium Witelona is an important point on the educational map of Legnica and Lower Silesia. For over 20 years, he has been providing knowledge and enabling the acquisition of practical skills. It is one of the largest vocational universities in Poland.

Collegium Witelona is an important point on the educational map of Legnica and Lower Silesia. For over Our university is known for educating in line with the demand on the labor market. We observe trends and develop the program so that our graduates have specific, specialized knowledge combined with practical skills. Cooperation with the largest and most reputable employers in the region helps us meet these challenges – said prof. Ph.D. Andrzej Panasiuk, Rector of the University.


The partnership agreement with Collegium Witelona is the next stage of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland’s activities aimed at adapting education to the business needs of modern companies from developing industries.

Increasing the chances of students to find attractive employment and creating opportunities to acquire knowledge in a practical way in modern global corporations is our contribution to the development of the region and the local community. This is an important element of corporate social responsibility, which is one of the values of our company. Therefore, since its establishment, the company, in consultation with local authorities, universities and schools, has been consistently implementing various educational projects. Our agreement with Collegium Witelona is the beginning of cooperation that is intended to prepare students of our region for the requirements of the modern labor market and give them a chance to find an interesting and well-paid job after completing their studies – said Ewa Korwek, Member of the Management Board and HR Director of MBMPL.

At the District Vocational and Continuing Education Center in Jawor, under the patronage of the Mercedes engine factory, there is a mechatronics class. In 2021, another educational project was launched at the Automotive School Complex in Legnica, supported by Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, educating electromechanics, and a year later the first school fully under the patronage of the MBMPL European Secondary School in Legnica. In addition to sponsored classes, Mercedes-Benz organizes educational programs and competitions. For five years, it has been implementing the award-winning “Girls GO Technology” program, addressed to high school and technical school students from the Jawor district and the surrounding area. Participants of the series of workshops have the opportunity to see that technology is not only friendly, but also a great idea for professional life. The program encourages young women to try their hand at areas that were once considered typically male. MBMPL has also been cooperating with the Legnica Branch of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology since 2020.