Siemens joins the Mercedes-Benz project: “Girls GO Technology”

The “Girls GO Technology” project is a program created by Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland which is addressed to young girls from Jawor. The value of the program was noticed by Siemens and together with Mercedes it ran a workshop on Industry 4.0.

– Our goal is to instill in girls the belief that science is for them. Thanks to our workshops, girls really “familiarize” with technology. They can get to know and understand solutions that revolutionize modern industry. I am glad that our project has gained Siemens as a new partner, with which we are convinced that there are not enough women in industry and their potential remains unused – said Dr. Ewa Łabno-Falęcka, director of marketing communication and external relations MBMPL.

In November, the fourth of a series of five workshops from this year’s edition took place. After artificial intelligence, creating websites and business plans, the time has come to “familiarize” issues related to digitization and digitization of production. Participants have learned, among other things, how the industry uses virtual reality (VR) and what it is ” digital twin “, used in the industry for the design and construction of vehicles and technological lines. With the help of augmented reality (AR) they could visit the “smart factory” and see how all these solutions are applied in practice.

– Industry and production are changing very much. Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, is a fascinating adventure in which women have to be present. Together with Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, we educate young girls and show them that exact sciences and engineering are areas they can pursue their aspirations and dreams – said Cezary Mychlewicz, director of marketing of industrial sectors in Siemens.

“Girls Go Technology” is not the first educational project for women in which Siemens is involved. The company is the originator of the “Engineer 4.0” program, addressed to students from technical universities, whose goal is to increase their digital competence in the area of ​​Industry 4.0. The project includes, among others, workshops conducted by experts in industrial technology, finance in industry and communication. Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland was also invited to join the partnership in the “Engineer 4.0” project.

– “Girls Go Technology” instills a fascination with the exact sciences in high school students. “Engineers 4.0” encourage students to bravely reach for positions in the industry. I believe that together we are preparing a new generation of specialists in new technologies – said Ewa Łabno-Falęcka.

The first edition of the program “Girls Go Technology, or girls tame technology” ends this year and the project will be continued in 2019. The recruitment of new participants will take place in January and the cycle of workshops will last from February to June.