“Girls GO Technology” met online and designed websites

It is logical that the next #Girls GO Technology workshop took place online. As learning moved almost entirely online, participants in the Girls GO Technology program turned their rooms into small front-end offices for a few hours and expanded their programming knowledge.

IDE, GIT, HTML, CSS, JQuery, front-end, API – these are examples of concepts that the girls tame during the third workshop of this year’s edition of the program, created by Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland. Under the guidance of a specialist, using tools for online meetings, they designed their first websites. They got acquainted with modern techniques and followed how to build a website of an application, which the user sees and interacts with other users.

We show young girls that knowledge and skills can be acquired in different ways. That if they are willing, there are no barriers. Online meetings can be as effective as the traditional ones, conducted in training rooms – says Ewa Łabno-Falęcka from Mercedes.

The workshop programme includes html, css and javascript programming skills. The meeting lasted 2 days. During the first day, the participants created a simple website, and then together they got to know and solve technical problems faced by young front-end developers. The girls were also given tips on where to look for further sources that will enable them to develop the project and how to learn how to program at home.

The workshops took place online on March 31st and April 1st. They were conducted using a communicator with the possibility to share the screen, Visual Studio and GitHub.

“Girls Go Technology, or girls tame technology” is a program of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland addressed to high school students and technicians of the Jawor County and its surroundings. It was created in 2018 to instil in young women the belief that technology is friendly and can be a great idea for their professional life.

In this year’s edition, participants were already getting to know their talents under the guidance of Randstad specialist, and thanks to Girls Code Fun created mobile applications.

The partners of “Girls GO Technology 2020” are: Siemens Polska, WSSE “INVEST-PARK”, Educational Cluster Invest in EDU, Girls Code Fun Foundation, Stabilis, Randstad.