Water is a treasure! This year’s edition of the Eko Gwiazda / Jawor edition will tell you how to protect this treasure.

  • Can Lower Silesia lack water? Do our daily choices affect water resources? These questions will be answered by the participants of the ecological Mercedes competition.
  • Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland invites students from the Jawor, Legnica, Świdnica and Wałbrzych districts to participate in joint activities for the protection of nature. Valuable prizes await!

While nearly half of the world’s largest rivers are polluted or threatened with drying out, the 2010 UN human right to have access to clean water and sanitation becomes a challenge for mankind and a powerful determinant of social and economic development in countries around the world. Water stress occurs when the WEI (Water Environment Index) exceeds the limit value: 0.16. Higher values indicate water scarcity. In Poland, this indicator is on average 0.2. In Europe, Poland ranks 24th in terms of water resources, and according to the data of the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, there is less than 1600 m3 of water/year per capita. In Europe, an average of three times as much – 4,500 m3 / year.

It would seem that the problem of water shortage does not concern us. Most of us have clean, running tap water. However, the hard data tells otherwise. We can also observe droughts and heavy rains in Lower Silesia, unusual for our climate. There is less and less water, and without it, there is no life. In this year’s Eko Gwiazda/Jawor edition, we want to sensitize young people to the fact that each action has an impact on the protection of water resources and that our consumer choices are really important. The verification of our needs and the change of habits is reflected in how much water will be used by industry and agriculture for the production of food, vehicles, electronics, clothes, etc. – says Dr. Andreas Schenkel, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland.

This is the fifth edition of the Eko Gwiazda competition organized by Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland in Jawor. Students of all secondary schools from the Jawor, Legnica, Świdnica and Wałbrzych districts are invited to participate. As in previous years, the task of the participants is to make a short film promoting pro-ecological attitudes. This time, of course, the topic is water and ways to save it. The deadline for submitting applications is June 2, 2022. Competition entries, which should be prepared by June 16, this year, will be judged by a jury composed of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland: Mariola Stopyra, Edyta Karamon, Tomasz Kubera, Kazimierz Matjas and the local government office, Mrs. Aneta Kucharzyk. The winner will receive an iPhone SE. All finalists will also be awarded.We invite students from the region to participate in the competition. Detailed information about the project, including regulations, is available at www.jawor.ekogwiazda.pl.

The Eko Gwiazda competition/Jawor edition is covered by the Honorary Patronage of the local government office, Ms. Aneta Kucharzyk.