Great Bee Celebration at MBMPL 

On 8th August we had the Great Bee Celebration in Poland. There are 180,000 winged workers living in 5 hives at the factory in Jawor. The MBMPL apiary aims to increase the bee population in Jawor and create new natural habitats for the insects as well as to sharpen and stimulate the company’s employees to the issue of environmental protection and climate change. Workshops ‘on the life of bees’ are held at the company, and the honey obtained from the harvest is available to employees in the office kitchens.

The delicacy produced by the bees, however, is a by-product of their powerful work. The production of a third of food and 90% of fruit depends on bee pollination. Thanks to their hard work, we have as many as 4,000 varieties of vegetables, cotton, coffee, and fodder that animals feed off. Without bees, there would be no humans.