Weekend with Mercedes 

Bread, gingerbread, Jawor, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Mercedes GLA, Holiday Inn… The winners know exactly what these words have in common ?

In August Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland joined The Bread and Gingerbread Festival in Jawor and invited people to the city game “Play for the weekend with Mercedes”. Participants received a map with chcekpoints in Jawor where various tasks had to be performed e.g. a quiz about the history of Mercedes-Benz brand. The aim was to crack the password to open a safe with the main prize. The was one easy principle – “first come, first served”. The winners were team no. 4. They got to the finishing line in the shortest time (only 55 minutes).

Their determination and spirit are quite easy to understand. The main prize in the game was a weekend stay at the 4-star hotel Holiday Inn Dąbrowa Górnicza, tickets to the aquapark “Nemo” and rental of the Mercedes-Benz GLA with a total mileage of only 9 km!

The winners celebrated their victory last weekend. You can watch the video about The Bread and Gingerbread Festival below.

Holiday Inn Dąbrowa Górnicza and Mercedes-Benz Duda-Cars Wrocław were partners in the city game.