We are starting the sixth edition of Girls GO Technology!

This is already the sixth installment of the Girls GO Technology project, created in 2018 at the initiative of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland. Our goal is to inspire young women to explore the world of technology and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as an excellent career path, and to instill in them the belief that technology offers a significant opportunity in the rapidly changing job market. At the same time, this project aims to break stereotypes and traditional divisions between "male" and "female" professions.According to the "Women in Tech Statistics: Uncovering Trends and Unseen Data by Women Tech Network" report (2023), women make up less than 30% of the workforce in the technology industry. Interestingly, as reported by Cyberstates, tech teams with higher gender diversity are 48% more effective than those lacking it.

 Girls interested in "taming technology" in this year's edition will participate in a series of five workshops on the role of technology in industry (automation, AR/VR, project management, artificial intelligence, IoT). They will learn the importance of digital skills and practice soft skills such as self-presentation, stress management, and interview preparation.

To assess the effectiveness of the project, we commissioned the Center for Evaluation and Analysis of Public Policy at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow to conduct a report. The study involved 80% of participants from the first three editions who completed high school. Over 70% of them have pursued higher education, and over 50% are simultaneously working and studying. Nearly half have decided to pursue technical studies, changing their career plans. Half of the program graduates expressed a desire to advance their careers in the technology industry. Most participants in the study did not experience gender discrimination during their studies or work in these industries, nor did they believe that men perform better than women in them.

During the first meeting of this year's edition, nearly 100 students, including those from the County Vocational Training Center and Continuing Education in Jawor, the Wincenty Witosa Schools and Institutions Complex in Bolków, and the European High School in Legnica, had the opportunity to participate in a workshop titled "My Personality and My Career," during which they could identify their talents, strengths, and career predispositions.
 Thanks to the support of our partners: AIDAR, Randstad, Sii, and WSSE "INVEST-PARK" Invest in EDU Educational Cluster, we can continue our mission and pave the way to technology for future generations of women.