Students from MBMPL sponsored classes start new school year 

On 1 September the school year began for students at the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland patronage school. Classes include mechatronics at the District Centre for Vocational and Continuing Education in Jawor and electromechanics at the Automotive School Complex in Legnica. This is also the day in which the European High School in Legnica was launched under the patronage of MBMPL. The only school of its type in Poland.

Classes with a mechatronics profile at PCKZiU in Jawor have been operating since 2019. Lessons are held both in the school laboratories and on real production lines at the Mercedes factory in Jawor. The first class includes theoretical and practical classes in the school workshops. In the second class, students begin their apprenticeship at the factory and learn about the areas of production and quality. In the third class, the number of hours spent at the Jawor Mercedes factory have increased. Students have the opportunity to get to know the various departments and handle simple operations such as assembly. Graduates are equipped with the qualifications and skills needed to work on production lines using modern technology.

A patronage class with an electromechanics profile at the school in Legnica was launched in 2021. Future electromechanic graduates, after 3 years of education, will be able to assess the technical condition of vehicles and operate, diagnose, repair, and install the electrical and electronic systems of cars. They will also be prepared for the state driving licence test. The state-of-the-art training program, developed by specialists from the school and the Mercedes plant in Jawor, provides opportunities for work placements at the battery factory and the acquisition of skills with professional equipment.

The European High School in Legnica joined the ranks of sponsored classes this year. It is the first school operating fully under the patronage of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland. The high school offers three teaching profiles: polytechnic, humanities-legal and biological-sports, as well as extended English and German. In addition, students who have chosen the polytechnic profile will be able to take part, among other things, in workshops organised by the Mercedes plant in Jawor and will be invited on a thematic tour of the plant and will have the opportunity to practice in the production and administration departments. In cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, the European High School will support students in their choice of studies. The completion of which will offer the prospect of a job at the Jawor factory.

We wish our students the best of luck!