Top brand 2018 

Mercedes-Benz is the strongest automotive brand in the Polish media! Mercedes-Benz is a leader among premium and utility car brands. In the general classification, it is the best-ranked automotive brand in the entire list of 500 brands, taking a phenomenal 4th place! 

Ranking Top brand 2018 is organized by “Press” magazine and PRESS-SERVICE Monitoring Mediów. The study took into account the number of publications, level of imapct and the character or tone of information. They selected 50 industries most visible in media. In each sector, they chose 10 most popular brands. The next step involved a detailed analysis of materials about each brand – specific tools and indicators helped to assess the power of a brand. 50 strongest brands in terms of media coverage were awarded a title of “Top brand 2018”.

The study analyzed releases in the press, Internet and social media published between 1st of July 2017 and 30th of June 2018 – totalling over 52 mln information: 1 mln press releases, 5 mln online publications and 46 mln in social media.

Mercedes-Benz with its first place in premium cars achieved one of the best results of the ranking and took the 4th place among all the 500 brands. The victory in the automotive industry and the top position in general classification are the result of product information, activities in different fields e.g. in sport and information about the engine plant in Jawor.

Mercedes-Benz appeared in a large number of publications in sports media thanks to the performance of the Mercedes GP Petronas team in Formula 1. Journalists were also very interested in the company’s largest investment in Poland – the engine factory being built in Jawor. The attention of the media and Internet users was also attracted by the successive premieres of cars with a star on the bonnet, including a new A class, a new G class and a hybrid Mercedes Project One supercar.

Ranking Top brand 2018:

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