The patronage class of Mechatronics has started 

30 students started their education in the first class of mechatronics specialization in the District Centre for Vocational and Continuing Education (PCKZiU) in Jawor. The class is held under the patronage of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland.

At the opening ceremony, apart from students, teachers and school management, there were also local authorities – the local government oficer and vice-oficer in Jawor, Aneta Kucharzyk and Stanisław Laskowski and representatives of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, including Aleksandra Łukasiak, Financial Director, member of the company’s Management Board. The Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone was represented by President Piotr Sosiński, PhD.

– We are glad that we managed to create this class. This is a joint success of the school, Mercedes and the local government officer in Jawor – says Lucyna Buczkowska, Director of PCKZiU – 28 boys and 2 girls in the profession Mechatronik at the level of the industry school of the first degree will study there. 15 students are graduates of the primary school and 15 of them are graduates of the junior high school.

In December 2018, a letter of intent on cooperation in the creation of a training program for the profession Mechatronics signed by the District Office in Jawor, PCKZiU and Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, which is, among others, a member of the Educational Cluster “INVEST in EDU” created by the Wałbrzych Economic Zone.

– The curriculum for this class was created for a long time. It is a joint work of my colleague Marcin Dziubek, the project coordinator from the production side of MBMPL and Tomasz Zwierzew, the teacher of practical vocational training in PCKZiU – says Paulina Gofran, the project coordinator from the side of MBMPL. – The programme covers advanced mechatronics issues used in machines and vehicles, manufacturing equipment and systems, as well as diagnostic and measurement equipment and apparatus.

Lessons will take place both in the classroom and on real production lines in the Mercedes-Benz factory in Jawor. The first class includes theoretical and practical classes in the classrooms. In the second class, apprenticeships will begin in the factory, where the students will learn about the production and quality areas. In the third class, the number of hours spent in the Mercedes-Benz factory in Jawor will be increased. Students will have the opportunity to get to know different departments and handle simple activities, including assembly. Graduates will have the qualifications and skills needed to work on production lines using modern technologies.

– The programme meets the requirements set by both the school and Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland – adds Paulina Gofran. – The quality of the curriculum was supervised by Jacek Sikorski, Engine Assembly Director and Thomas Kaiser, Director of Machining and Maintenance.

The whole class together with teachers, after completing the official part of the school, visited the Mercedes factory in Jawor, among others, engine block machining lines and watched a training film in virtual reality technology (VR) about quality in the Mercedes-Benz world.


Mechatronics is a field of science and technology related to the creation and operation of machine and equipment systems. It covers such areas as: mechanics, machine construction and operation, electronics, computer science, automation and robotics.