First Graduates from the Mechatronics Sponsored Class 

We recently bid farewell to the first graduates of the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland patronage class with a mechatronics profile. Twenty-two students from the District Vocational and Continuing Education Centre in Jawor successfully completed their school year and apprenticeships at the factory in Jawor. For three years, they acquired qualifications and skills needed to work on production lines using modern technology.

They started their studies in September 2019. The first year included theoretical and practical classes in school studios. In the second and third years, under supervision of department heads and operators, they obtained new practical skills, learned about different departments at the Jawor factory and secured the knowledge of simple assembly operations.
We wish them every success in their careers!

Mechatronics is a field of science and technology related to the creation and operation of machinery and equipment systems. It covers such areas as mechanics, construction and operation of machines, electronics, and IT as well as elements of automation and robotics.