We talk about work at the factory in Jawor with Jacek Sikorski, Engine Assembly Director 

Jacek Sikorski has worked for Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland for 3 years. He tells us about his beginnings at the Daimler Group, the challenges, successes and the first day at the factory.



– How many years have you been associated with the Daimler concern? How did your adventure with the automotive industry start?

– Motorization was and is my passion. The adventure began in adolescence. When I was at school, I used my holidays to work in a car repair shop. In June, 23 years ago, I started working for the Daimler concern. Looking back today, I can say that these were years full of changes, new challenges, but above all a great time when I had the opportunity to participate in the development of new projects. I met amazing people in the Group, I learned a lot from many of them. Some of my acquaintances turned into friendships that have lasted up to this today.

– Three years ago you joined the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland team, how do you recall your first day?

– It’s a nice memory. I was warmly welcomed by the team which then consisted of just a few people. The company’s office at that time was located in the heart of Wrocław on Market Square. But I must admit that when I came to Poland, my thoughts and heart were still in Romania, where I spent over 4 years taking part in the construction of an automatic gearbox factory for Daimler.

– What are you responsible for in the factory in Jawor?

– When I became a manager. I was responsible for the project of the OM 654 engine and all related activities. Starting from recruiting a team in Poland and Germany, through construction talks with machine suppliers, and ending with the supervision of the construction of the production hall. Currently I am the Engine Assembly Director at the Jawor plant.

– What is the biggest challenge in this position?

– Working in this position is in itself a challenge not only for me but also for my entire team. We are constantly developing, facing new tasks, such as team building, employee development, enrolling strategic positions, project management, and budget management. We are currently in the process of launching a new assembly line for the M 254 petrol engine. It is a key period for us to prepare employees and assembly processes, which include ergonomics and work safety, the quality of our new product and the efficiency of our production line.

– What was your greatest success?

– If we are talking about the successes at the factory in Jawor, the biggest for both me and my team is the successful launch of the production of OM 654 diesel engines. From the end of 2019, this engine is already in serial production. I am also very proud that I could once again take part in the construction of a new factory for Daimler.

– Thank you for the interview.