Mercedes in Jawor make the distinguished top 500 list in “Rzeczpospolita” 

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, the company responsible for the electric car engine and battery plant in Jawor, Lower Silesia, received an award in the ‘Employment’ category in the ranking of the 500 largest companies in the Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper listing.
The “Rzeczpospolita” 500 list is a prestigious listing of the largest Polish enterprises, the criterion of which is based on the revenue of the classified entities. The list is compiled by the editors of the daily newspaper “Rzeczpospolita”, and the formula is modeled on the U.S. Fortune 500 listing. The “Rzeczpospolita” 500 first appeared in 1999 and is the oldest of its kind in Poland. According to experts, it illustrates the well-being of Polish companies, as well as changes in the structure of the economy. The latest edition is based on data from 2021. The methodology and economic correctness of the companies’ evaluation criteria are supervised by members of the competition’s chapter, which includes economic and business authorities.

From among all the companies on the list, the chapter selects the “Rzeczpospolita” list in three categories: TRADE AND NON-FINANCIAL SERVICES, INDUSTRY, FINANCIAL SERVICES, and awards distinctions. The distinction in the category ‘Employment’ was awarded this year to Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, operator of the Mercedes plant in Jawor.

In the justification for the decision, we can read:
“The plant in Jawor produces four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines and electric batteries for passenger cars. Mercedes-Benz invested around EUR 600 million in the plant, which is designed to combine the highest standards of the automotive industry with the idea of Industry 4.0. The construction of the factory has also created more than 1,000 new highly skilled jobs, each of which generates further full-time positions with cooperators, sub-suppliers and service providers in the region. In turn, the training offered by the Group contributes to the transfer of skills and knowledge as well as modern management methods. Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland has set its sights on activating women, who now account for 46 percent of the workforce.”

The conviction that people are the most important capital of a company, and the rest is just money, has guided us from the beginning of the Mercedes plant in Jawor. It turns out that it is possible to operate effectively on the principles of a social market economy with respect for people and the environment, to have excellent business results while meeting the requirements of zero-emission, circular and (almost) waste-free production – emphasises Dr Ewa Łabno-Falęcka, Head of Corporate Communication & External Affairs Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland.