Mercedes-Benz beats sales records! 

The first six months of this year are not only the best half-year in terms of sales in the company’s history, but also the best quarter of all time. From April to June, customers received 594,528 new Mercedes cars (+ 1.9%), and from January to June customers deliveries worldwide exceeded as many as 1 188 832 cars under the sign of the three-pointed star (+ 3.9%). During the first six months of this year Mercedes-Benz won the title of the most-registered premium brand in multiple markets, including Germany, France, Russia, Switzerland, Portugal, South Korea, Australia, the USA and Canada, and in Poland, where 8375 new Mercedes passenger cars were registered (+ 23%). The recorded growth is much higher than the dynamics of the entire market (+ 10.5%) and the premium brands segment (+ 14.1%). The model with the largest number of registrations was the Mercedes-Benz GLC (1962 units), followed by the Mercedes-Benz E-Class (1282 units) and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (1094 units), whose first generations after the generational changes are sold in Polish showrooms.