Mercedes-Benz press conference: “Mobility today and tomorrow / what’s new at Mercedes?” 

What’s new at Mercedes? Sales leader 2020; automotive TOP BRAND in the competition of the PRESS magazine; the widest range of plug-in-hybrids on the market; engines and batteries for passenger cars “Made in Poland” Wolfgang Bremm von Kleinsorgen, Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars Central Europe & CEO MB Polska  | CEO MB Czech Republic and Gorden Wagener, Chief Designer at Mercedes-Benz spoke about it during the Friday press conference. Jacek Sikorski, Engine Assembly Director from Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland and Helmi Marzouk, Head of the Production Department at Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, and Wojciech Tadla, Production Engineer, took the journalists for a virtual walk around the factory in Jawor. There was also a premiere presentation for Tomasz Mucha / PR Product MB Cars and Ewa Łabno-Falęcka.