Women at Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland 

Women at Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland constitute over 40% of the workforce. What do they do in a modern factory based on the principles of Industry 4.0? We present three of them and their tasks: Małgorzata, Sandra and Hanna.

Małgorzata Borek – the first woman to become a Production Master for Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland! Her tasks include planning and supervising production quality as well as health and safety issues in her area. She also analyzes errors and indicators, implements corrective actions and manages the team. Gosia took up this position in 2020.

/ in the photo Małgorzata with the team (first from the left) /




Sandra Buryś and her team take care of processes in the factory in Jawor. Their task is to analyze problems, propose effective solutions and conduct workshops for employees. The team makes sure not to waste company resources.

/ in the photo Sandra (in the center) with the team, December 2020 /





Hanna Waszkiewicz manages the measurement laboratory in the Processing Department. To become a Master in a factory in Jawor, you need to pass an exam at the Assessment Centre. Hania passed with flying colours. Her team performs measurements for three production modules, and the results are provided to foremen, masters and engineers. Working in a laboratory requires special focus and accuracy because the data obtained is used in deciding whether the products meet best practice quality standards.

/ in the photo Hania (third from the left) with the team /