“Kacper – a child safe on the road” 

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland has formally invited elementary students from Jawor to watch the performance of “Kacper – a child safe on the road” in celebration of International Children’s Day. The performance will be presented on May 29 and 30 at the Jawor Cultural Centre. Children from grades 1 to 3, through interaction with actors, will learn in a light and effective way the rules of road safety. Students will be able to actively participate in the performance, including painting signs, reciting rhymes and engaging in an obstacle course on a scooter. At the end, all of the children will receive high visibility vests and reflective bands.

“Kacper – a child safe on the road” is an educational and stage spectacle prepared by the Road Traffic Safety Centre. It is part of the road safety education program addressed to primary school children across the country.