Industry appeals to governmental authorities to take advantage of green energy potential

The largest global corporations operating in Poland Google, Mercedes, IKEA, AMAZON, as well as the Metallurgical Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Association of Cement Producers, the Polish Chamber of Automotive, and Cement Ożarów – are making an appeal to those in power:

  “As companies with ambitious sustainability goals, we have been investing in renewable energy sources for years. Today, green energy is not just a trend – it is a necessity. In order to effectively reduce our environmental impact and remain competitive, our companies are prioritising investments in those markets where green electricity is readily available.

With such a high demand for additional GW of RES power, both from businesses and Polish consumers, we believe that any attempt to limit further development of wind power is a missed opportunity for Poland to attract new investment, create new jobs and realise its fullest potential as a European hub for many global corporations.

Without green energy, the Polish economy risks losing its competitive edge and market attractiveness. Changing the minimum distance from 500 to 700 metres significantly limits the potential of onshore wind power in the coming decade, and consequently the insufficient amount of green energy on the grid.”