Hybrids – how do they drive, what are they for and for whom? Facts and myths 

The Mercedes plant in Jawor will produce two types of plug-in batteries for hybrid cars.

These types of vehicles are not only exotic today, but a real alternative to petrol and diesel engine cars because they are efficient and environmentally friendly. The guests of the new episode of the Mercedes-Benz Polska podcast entitled “Pół godziny z gwiazdą” which is moderated by Dagmara Kowalska, include Dr. Alicja Pawłowska from the Department of Low-Emission Transport at the National Centre for Climate Change and Maciej Mazur – Managing Director of the Polish Alternative Fuels Association who present facts and debunk myths about plug-ins.

Plug-in hybrids are the bridge between conventional and electric motoring. The ability to cover several dozen kilometers in electric mode means that in everyday commuting to work or shopping, you can use emission-free mode locally and the presence of a thermal unit allows you to travel further routes without fear. Mercedes-Benz already offers variants with plug-in hybrid drive in most models, and their prices are comparable to traditional combustion engines.

However, there are also opinions that plug-in hybrids are a waste of time to the automotive industry. Dagmara Kowalska talks to her guests about how this type of drive affects our environment. Dr. Alicja Pawłowska and Maciej Mazur chat about the challenges in infrastructure development, about where to get electricity to charge plug-in hybrids, and about trends in the electro mobility market. It turns out, for example, that this segment of electrified vehicles has successfully defended itself against the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the second part of the conversation, the guests deal with myths regarding plug-in hybrids, including limitations in the field of charging and range and discuss the realities of their operation closer which is perfect for those who are considering buying a car with such a drive. Maciej Mazur cites, for example, the results of tests carried out in Poland, which show that plug-in hybrids can make as much as 80% of journeys solely on an electric engine.

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