Girls GO plan their business 

The first workshops of the second edition of Girls GO Technology are already behind us. The topic was “How to plan with your head?”.

The participants, a group of girls from the Jawor region, learned about such concepts as design thinking, business model, personas, pitch or value proposition. The room was full of good ideas for their own business. During the meeting, the girls, divided into smaller groups, invented and planned their project, solved the emerging problems using previously known processes and tools. At the end, they summarized their work and learned the principles of good feedback.

Now girls already know how to plan with their heads. After all, all great projects start with a good plan.

The workshops were held at the Regional Museum in Jawor, and were led by Małgorzata Ratajska-Grandin from Geek Girls Carrots.

The project is supported by: Randstad PolskaGeek Girls CarrotsSiemens PolskaWałbrzyska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna „INVEST-PARK” and Klaster Edukacyjny Invest in Edu, Stabilis, Politechnika Wrocławska Wydział Techniczno- Przyrodniczy in Legnica and Seifert Logistics Group.