Foundations near completion 

Work on the foundations for Hall no. 3 at the construction site on Cukrownicza Street in Jawor is nearing completion. The foundation work is expected to be concluded by mid-January. By the end of December, the fencing-in of the factory site will reach targets set out in the construction schedule (80 percent final fencing, remaining portion: temporary/construction fencing).  At the same time, road and supply line connection work is focused on digging trenches for pipelines.

Starting in January 2018, a new contractor is set to begin work on the construction of the factory`s largest hall. With the building`s foundations set, the first steel columns will appear at the site in February/March 2018.

Construction work on the smaller factory hall and other buildings is also set to begin at this time. Within the next six months, construction work on all factory structures will have begun.