Electromechanics – A subsidized educational program for the battery factory 

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, in cooperation with the Automotive School Complex in Legnica, opens vocational classes for the battery factory with an electromechanical educational program. Modern laboratories and internships at our plant in Jawor await students. Recruitment starts in May.

What career prospects await electromechanical professionals?

After passing the vocational exam, the graduates will be prepared to work:

  • At car service stations and motor vehicle production and repair plants,
  • In companies dealing with the sale of car parts, especially in the field of electrical and electronic vehicle equipment,
  • In car transport companies,
  • They can tie their professional future with Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland.

If you are drawn to new technologies and appreciate exact science, but at the same time have an interest in the automotive industry, join us!

More information: www.zss.legnica.eu