Meet the bee – our new colleague! 

Bee is very hard working, every day a bee visits from 50 to 100 flowers for pollen and nectar collecting. Can you imagine to meet every day with 50 clients? Isn’t it impressive?

Mercedes-Benz manufacturing Poland invites the bee and 180 thousands of her colleagues to cooperate and provides them working place in 5 beetles at the lake close to the building 1. 

The goal of “Apiary MBPML”is not only to increase the bees population and to create natural inhabitants but also to raise the awareness of employees of environmental protection and climate change. “ Life of bees” workshops will take place at Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, and obtained honey will be served on kitchens at the plant.

Why is caring for bees so important?                          

  • There is no human without bees. Bees are responsible for 2/3 plants, which needed for food. Tomatoes, zucchinis, apples, nuts, cherries and etc will disappear without bees.   
  • Mass bee extinction is the result of human activity, such as pesticides usage, reduction of green zones, deforestation, or creation of homogeneous crops in agricultural areas.
  • Bees do 4 million flower visits to produce 1-kilogram honey. The distance is around 10 kilometers.
  • Many apiaries are created to ensure proper plant formation. Honey is an additional and very valuable result of the bees’ work.