Andreas Schenkel nominated for the award of „Personality of the year 2018″ 

„Personality of the Year” is a contest organized by the „Gazeta Wrocławska” newspaper. Persons are selected that have achieved success and served their local community in a significant way in one of four categories: “Culture”, “Social and Charitable activities”, “Municipal and Local Community”, and “Business”.

Andreas Schenkel, the CEO of MBM Poland was nominated by the editorial staff  of the daily newspaper “Gazeta Wrocławska” in the category of Business for the district of Jawor. The jury recognized him for “his professional successes,  engagement into the local community and in particular, the construction of the factory in Jawor and the creation of  hundreds of job opportunities.”

The voting period will last until 9 p.m. on February 13 of this year. You may vote for Andreas Schenkel by sending an SMS with the message: WRB.80 to the number: 72355.

Follow the voting results here

We heartily encourage you to take part in the contest!